Business as usual from now on I'm proud to announce!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Those eyes entrancing i saw them again
If i start to notice I'll slip and let them get in
They'll infect my mind and it wont be kind
this bind I'll find myself entwined
unable to unwind and focus on importance

Hold on, pause, rewind and come back a minute
is this really not important at all?
pretentious I may be but this is hardly minute
its worth some attention or even a phone call
the issue is distinction, when and when not to

and to boot this is me i dont even know about you
so this point ends up being fairly moot
when you think something is the truth
and it turns out not to be so you end up tasting soot
shes a lot more bitter unadulterated

unaltered? or un-adulterated words are up to interpretation
even with meaning the same it takes some investigation
to figure out true meaning and connection
but isn't that more fun, and then you throw in libation
that's when you start the true instigation