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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ga2Ng0Sta6 (gangsta rap in less than 5 minutes)

You know you want a piece of us
those who try to run at as
its all a game bitch if you hit us its a bust
we the crew of hard kniccas you know that you can trust
if you a bitch or a snitch we get the crew to slap you up
so next time you should know
to step the hell up off the truck

if you a chicken head trick and you wanna'pproach click
you be welcome for a second dont you worry bout it bitch
suckin dick snortin coke smokin all our fuckin dro
but when you're done, fuckin ho we give yo ass the door,
the fuckin boot, get the hell up out our troop
we got the green we be mean and we just tryin to but a nut
so if you keep on steppin
I pull, out my weapon
the trigger goes bang bitch
and you know that you cant hang

gangstas we be digital, musical, logical, we be makin beats
that go straight to the vaginal, crack, no we do not smoke it
and thats a fact, we sellin to these cluck 'n ass bitches
you should know knicca ho

the names the stp and im a fuckin pimp
the whiteboy with a big dick and
a motherfuckin limp