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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Your perfect imperfections

It's perfection thats sought after.. the world bleeds and people suffer but its always perfection that we strive for, perfect parents, perfect friends, perfect wife, life and all that bullshit it might be right..

the rents always said to me, "strive for it even if you cant show it, fake it till you make it" This I do, I try to perfect, that visage that is seen as true to be me The things I strive for, dive head first for

but this impetuous notion gets a tad insipid.. with its tireless, jaunt, atmospere, although.. it leaves quite the impression, im not attracted to the notion.. but i do indeed love your perfect imperfections..


Its a shame when we gonn realize we the same
like cee-lo,
im steppin outside this hole with my weapon
firing my metaphors with mass destruction
when you realize you're stuck in situations like these
with inequalities eating away at our souls like disease
the spd's scared shitless so they run around in 3s

outside the box is the perspective
i retroactivley berate rappers who dont understand this
choke this, life right out of you, a serial killa
i dont kill people i disitegrate conceptual
idealism prepetually, this is why i beat her
lady liberty, no justice for anyone
phisically or mentally this shit we've gone through
me and you, us and them, theres no bridge to mend
virtually no existence to bend, there is no spoon
like matrix style all you choose to defile
is what i believe in, how can you expect no repercussions
for your treacherous actions slammin them heads causin concussions

think whatever you want..

Apparently, im no good, apparently, im scum like trash
and sometimes im really easy to bash, call names and I do act rash
I want things I cant have and sit and dream about them while they never last..
one thing does last though and its this feeling I have, it never seems to fade..

Apparently I sell drugs, thats what people say.. shoot guns and stay with rough crowds
in reality im hanging out, staring at clouds, floating and working for things i want and have
the one I want is sometimes unatainable.. but I work harder and harder to reign the unreignable
I'm only me, think of me what you deem plausible but always know im kinda incorrigible..

System slave

I stand alone in this four cornered room...
well actually six, if you count the hole where
the shit and piss is strewn
time is not on my side in this cell of mine
with my mind unwinding with books I read
the rumbling of my stomach and stale air to breathe
No window, no door to the outside, the
only way I see it is dreams
or the clock ticking by while inmates scream

I guess its not all so horrible, it could always
be worse my grandmama said as she was trying to keep composure
on my grandfathers deathbed...
That's when I found the window, the one place where the outside was
visible, great view, but the 10th floor made everything so minuscule
in comparison to the harassment some cuts went through

From the new kids crying silently to the old timers tussling violently
we all live in this fucked up college dorm of stupidity as time
ticks by ever infinitely

I sit in my cell alive and 'wake
I pray the C.O's my body not to take
and If I die before they sleep I pray the morgue my body to keep
To tag my toe with numbers unique
A system slave, in even death they keep.