Business as usual from now on I'm proud to announce!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I don't deserve you, why.? Cause im a wasteful glutton who can't seem to save shit, im impulsive, self destructive, rash and I think some rules just don't apply. I have sympathetic tendencies that come from my childish heart but does that make me a good person? Maybe maybe not. One thing I do know is even if I don't you, I believe I love you more than anyone has ever loved me  and believe me jesus, love isn't real  its just a coout word to explain how we really feel, I don't know what that means but I believe that to be true. So I thank myself every day at least for the fact I found all of you

From sanity to psycho, we wax and wane, lunar cycles change as you toss and blame
We strive for purity through the lust and pain, I strive for nothing,  chaos for the chaos of it
I accept the blame, shame has no meaning to me we don't exist this is true when you realize most of the time im bluffing, the thing about a bluff is its as good as the truth so come on motherfucker time to ante up to find out if this redbeard can hold up to clutch