Business as usual from now on I'm proud to announce!

Friday, December 30, 2011

the damn..

Shit man Its been a long time
since you and I have gotten together to talk about yours and mine
I miss you bro and that's just the truth..
I don't want to think about all that we've been through
these past few years, the bad times, the thoughts, the tears

Well fuck it man I tried the best that I could
So I could come out of this bullshit understood
Didn't work oh well why bother...
Still feels like were the same from different mothers
All I think about is the laughs and the good times
All you think about is that one time that I fucked up

You got it twisted and I hope someday you realize
That what happened was just stupid and you decide
to let it all go and break a few eggs with me
Like the good old times we've had for these past 10 years
Who was there to give you money to look for a job..
who was there when you needed couch to crash on
who was there to get you a job when you needed it..
we've done these things for each other equally lets not stay conceited..