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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Psychologist

The psychologist sat in  his office chair
he was reading todays headlines, the sight wasn't rare.
While reading he noticed an excerpt that caught his eye,
something like this he normally would pass right by.
On the line was a fellow who would meet a tragic downfall,
he kept reading and reading remaining enthralled,
the most awesome of tales this page did unfold
A story of a child and mother butcher it had told.

Robert Gray was the name on the line quite familiar,
was all the psychologist had in his mind running,
so many footsteps heard, it could have been a caterpillar.
The psychologist put it down his mind was still burning
his phone buzzed in, "Doctor you have a patient."
The secretary's voice said bright and cheerful,
while the good doctor moved the seat most adjacent
the patient walked in wide eyed and almost fearful.

"Listen to me doctor I think I have problems
I hear voices, not in my head, on the outside, there's a difference
people tell me what to do all the time and I listen
don't talk back and comply even with all the disdain."
"Why is that a problem? That doesn't seem so bad,
When people tell you what to do does it make you mad?"

Not at all, made things simple my mom always told me,
except now people tell me what to do and how to be,
I give them a smile and start to lose my memory..
I come to, hours later in my one bedroom apartment
happy as a clam with a wooden dock penchant.

"So you have no memory of what happened after?"
asked the psychologist bored staring at the rafters.
"No, not at all." Said he, biting his nails like biting on bread
"OK here's what you do, write down what they said
right before you blackout, and stop biting your nails like bread."
As he looked at the man a wide smile on his face had spread.

▲■○x =Life

This little rhyme came to me in my sleep,
I kid you not, I keep a notebook next to where I sleep
and you know that in between stage where you're
not really asleep or awake in the morning
It came to me and when it did i wrote it down.
Triangle, 3 again is the name of the disease
the green tri-point shape that starts it off with ease

Square, It shows you the box you're stuck in
that pink box, you know you want to stick it

Circle, Life is represented here starting in one place
and coming back around, have no fear

X, marks the spot on your map, its inevitability
the big blue X marks the destination
It ends your trek in the ground undoubtedly

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scars and Stripes PT4

Finally going to actually post this 4th part, to the scars and stripes,
I wasn't going to but meh, enjoy it if you do.

I don't want you and you don't want me either
so why do you continue to visit me in my dreams, take a breather
how come it meant nothing, even the screams?
If i remember right, I could make you sing in that bed
It was in that little parking lot that you first gave me head
I don't know what happened, It doesn't really matter
We could sit here and shout you've changed, it would be nothing but blabbler

Of course we have, its been years for us both
You're leaning a bit toward the worse end of it though
This is coming from an outside perspective and I agree with it
These scars and stripes you gave me inspired growth
but my decline in this cell has only been physical though
Its no big deal, a couple of months and some weights
will make it vanish without a trace

but that childlike sense of wonder has almost been erased
The only time i see it now is when alcohol is involved
thats when your barrier cracks a little and you get involved.

The sun dont come out to play

Dreaming about her is nothing new to me
She likes to visit when I close my eyes and drift away to sleep
but that's ok with me, it doesn't really matter
Its betther than not at all, no reason I should rupture
a blood vessel in my brain while getting filled with anger
Even if it doesn't do anything at all to feed the hunger

 Yup, thats been my life in here really recently
escape is a book or I just fall my ass asleep
Only one thing that bothers me as I sit and wonder why
its nice outside when im locked away, just look at that sky
The sun is shining, the temperature is rising,
even the seagulls fly up here like they're makin' fun of me

I guess It don't matter I'm not that broken up about it
Just makes it a bit harder when you can see it and be near it
Almost like the whole world but my moms is happy that im in here
48 more days left If I can find a place to live
thats 48 more reasons to work harder to forgive
I'm talking about myself of course, its not about you
fuck you in the ass and that fat bitch you're with dude

I'm sorry, I let my anger come out to play
things go down when the shirt ripping green mans got somethin to say
He only comes out when you really deserve it
and you best believe if these weren't here you'd see shit
by shit I mean stars, my scars make me humble when you get hit
so stop talkin that babble and come get it