Business as usual from now on I'm proud to announce!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I wake up some days pondering the meaning of this life's existence
and how this all comes together to make one collective unit that we call "living"
It has nothing to do with what we really are because we have no idea,
No clue, not one facet of our existence is truly open to us, were not privy.
We do the best we can though, we wear our masks and continue to hope
that someday, someone will see a glimpse past our masks and teach US to cope,
We do this because we have no idea what, or who we are, but we wish to learn 
from someone that saw past our masks and wishes to keep us around or us them,
its hard you know, this thing called living, not just for life's races and challenges
trully living is hard, how are we supposed to put a picture puzzle together if
we have no idea what the thing looks like when its done, is it scarred?

there's only a few solutions, the most popular of which are one by one
slowly you take the pieces and you never know when you're done but you have fun sometimes....
the second is take all the pieces or at least some of them and try to force them
all together just to see what happens, just to see if you can make them fucking fit!
I preffer a combination of those two plus my own way of only taking sections
of the puzzle pieces, not all at once, and throwing those together as i quince.
I used to try to force them together but that never ended well for one another
I like to see where they land so i see what i have to work with, to mold with,
to put together and behold it. 

All in all I still know nothing, none of us do, we spend our limited lives
aspiring to be something, facing challenges, or just plain doing nothing
whenever the end comes, and it will for everyone, no, just plain no.
is the answer to the riddle, will any of this really matter in the end?
The answer is already given so excuse me if i dont say it again
Of course it wont, to think otherwise is almost moronic, tired, and spent
what will matter though is what you left behind in peoples heads, the smiling faces
when thinking of your memory, and then they end too, kinda sad aint it? but that's not the point.
This is what our life boils down too and its the only one we have so what will you do?

Stop taking yourself so seriously.

We spend our youthful lives searching for who we are
finding something to believe in is the greatest fucking feeling
some of us take it too far, some of us only pretend
some of us keep it going and dont know when it'l end
we try so hard for this one thing and put so much effort forth
getting more and more dedicated and against others our time is spent

sometimes we get so lost in that one thing that we lose sight
lose the sight of actual life, we cant all sleep in a neverending dream
of our own self created reality.. what good is living if you dont
explore all things, if your dedication to that one thing stops you
from enjoying others and stops you from going toward something that
you dont even realize will make you happy or give you enlightenment
in some way.. open mindedness is never crappy...

as childish as that rhyme was i thought it would get my point across
dedicate your life to doing what makes you smile, but keep that mind open boss
cause you never know if that thing you love will end up getting you across
a bridge you cant go back over, turn around, take a look back, or turnover

tl;dr... be open minded, and dont put all your eggs in one basket.