Business as usual from now on I'm proud to announce!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yes I am an asshole

All I wanna do is put my headphones in and walk away
Its not too much to ask for but I'm here to stay
I don't mean that metaphorically, only physically
I'm progressing insidiously in this otherworldly
lucidity, treking with extreme intrepidity
I have no fear but for fear itself
I'm terrible at poker take away these cards you've dealt

OK I'm done using big words for the fuck of it
my message is clearer when you don't need a dictionary to decipher my shit
I tear you down when I rip, shredding away the tears you've bit
I'm on a new level and you're just collecting cow chips
I don't mean cookies either, you're just playing with shit
get your hands out of there and do something productive
before this whole world turns out like Japan, radioactive

this country wont fix itself so get off your fucking couch
you lazy son of a bitch and at least do something you're good at
except collecting dust on that fat ass you sit
Its the anger that causes this malevolence inside me I try to resist
and help my fellow man at every chance that I get
but sometimes there's no helping you
some things you gotta do for self
I cant make you put on your work shoes, do It yourself
before I snap and kill you all, stupid fucking piece of shit

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I don't feel alone

Rebuilding my life one utensil at a time
like a cleaver in the kitchen I'm writing this rhyme
It's almost like a story I've told just like so many times before
This time I have some help, this time around I don't have to do it by myself
I feel like I have some support under these wings
as I wave them frantically to stay up in these clouds

Life's not what we were told when we were kids
We can't be anything we want to be unless we work hard at it
Even then we might never make it, we just might have the take the best we can get
I remember when life was much simpler
Running back from school with dimples
don't get me wrong, we weren't innocent
drinking at school and smoking weed in the woods we went

With no worries and plain conversations
that didn't at all compare to today's trials and tribulations
but growing up has its ups and downs
I can't complain, I like the person I became
Sure I'm not perfect and I know that better than you
and I'm sure someone will listen to this shit I spew
I can be quite a wealth of knowledge if you give me the chance to shoot

whatever, I might be getting too inebriated
these childhood goals became grownup decisions
so let go of your superstitions and take a chance
I know I am whenever I give it a shot at romance
I can't wait to see what the future brings
but she sure makes me feel fuckin entranced

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

keep at it

Fast lies running through an empty head
sometimes I can't even seem to get out of my bed
i keep thinking these dangerous waters I've tread
swimming through an ocean of impostors
I can't seem to think of why I even bother

through and through my life's been upstart
I keep going through memories till I just wanna barf
there's no turning back now I already reapt' what I sowed
even though I still don't feel like I get what I'm owed
and don't get me wrong Its up to me to break this mold
keep running around switch it up and keep getting more cold

this life you can't live on goodwill alone
I keep trying it that way and keep getting thrown overboard
I live life like the captain of a pirate ship
run a tight crew but fuckin' mutinys' a trip
there's nothing you can do when others come after you
just smile and nod, say "yup, do what you do"

sometimes you wanna get angry and throw punches
but that usually ends in a lot of wasted lunches
calm it down and look back on your life
whatever the fight is I bet its not worth the spite
so just throw off your shoes, kick back and have a cold one instead
at least that way you both will have a much better day ahead

Friday, July 1, 2011

I usually don't post other people's stuff on here but this album really caught my eye. Grieves, newly signed to the rhymesayers label. This is some of the best new hip hop that I have heard in a long time. D I think you will really like this I suggest you get the album if you can. I hope you read this bud!

wtf people? *these are all true stories by the way*

The first picture was the process of making battered french fries
The first comment was, "you should have wrapped them in bacon"
"I don't eat meat" she replied and he said "oh well never mind."
You can understand my confusion you see, when this, "vegetarian"
was eating a chicken sandwich in the next picture, it was plain there to me
that there was something wrong with this picture, I wonder what it could be..

A self proclaimed anarchist this man claims to be and yes, that is redundancy
He is always ranting and raving about the government and its fees
not rich by any means but well off, living off his parents who feed the machine
if you live off the people who follow the system, isn't that even worse?
at least if you worked for your own benefit you could be independently 
perverse, these beliefs you say you hold, wait, stop, think, and turn it in reverse

I saw a woman picketing in an abortion rally, she said "I'm not anti abortion I'm pro life"
After some childish fun and our own sign that we spun to poke a bit of fun at their strife
we put down our sign and went to talk a bit with these people to see what we could find
the same woman we spoke of before said kill em all when asked about the death penalty
that doesn't rhyme but its still ridiculous so deal with it, I'm mostly doing this for my benefit.

This is all I can think of right now but there must be more
people's complete ignorance and hypocrisy is such a fucking chore
we're all guilty even I, at least I know this, so I can catch myself and not be like those
I know we're not perfect people but come on, lets at least give it a try
and maybe be decent human beings to ourselves and each other, we might just survive.