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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Its a shame when we gonn realize we the same
like cee-lo,
im steppin outside this hole with my weapon
firing my metaphors with mass destruction
when you realize you're stuck in situations like these
with inequalities eating away at our souls like disease
the spd's scared shitless so they run around in 3s

outside the box is the perspective
i retroactivley berate rappers who dont understand this
choke this, life right out of you, a serial killa
i dont kill people i disitegrate conceptual
idealism prepetually, this is why i beat her
lady liberty, no justice for anyone
phisically or mentally this shit we've gone through
me and you, us and them, theres no bridge to mend
virtually no existence to bend, there is no spoon
like matrix style all you choose to defile
is what i believe in, how can you expect no repercussions
for your treacherous actions slammin them heads causin concussions

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