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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm not depressed

met a girl that puts smiles on my face
I met a girl that brings me some sunrays
in this dark ass world I call my life
I'm not depressed, its this world its this
world thats oppressing

She really presses my buttons the right way
unlike the rest, this test we call life knows no rest
im obsessed with liking it when she tastes my
whiskey breath, but I digress in my flow
because my thoughts are a jumbled mess

working, loving, playing, hating, switching
up and sometimes forgetting to look
for higher meaning, the truth you're believing
is sometimes inadequate and deceiving all while
the puns work their way into my music

its inevitable this play we choose to act in it
the actors are the pawns and im in the kingship
pretending to rule my world with a faint kind of grimace
knowing damn well that my thoughts control my actions
and knowing all too well that my emotions control the actress

I feel its me and this girl just fighting against the world
while I struggle with the actions that dictate my habits
all in the while my feelings dictate my business


  1. Appreciate it! Followed both of your blogs too btw!

  2. the 2nd verse is impressive, it just flowed fluently. nice job man