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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

system slave

stand alone in this four cornered room...
well actually six, if you count the hole where
the shit and piss is strewn
time is not on my side in this cell of mine
with my mind unwinding with books I read
the rumbling of my stomach and stale air to breathe
No window, no door to the outside, the
only way I see it is dreams
or the clock ticking by while inmates scream

I guess its not all so horrible, it could always
be worse my grandmama said as she was trying to keep composure
on my grandfathers deathbed...
That's when I found the window, the one place where the outside was
visible, great view, but the 10th floor made everything so minuscule
in comparison to the harassment some cuts went through

From the new kids crying silently to the old timers tussling violently
we all live in this fucked up college dorm of stupidity as time
ticks by ever infinitely

I sit in my cell alive and 'wake
I pray the C.O's my body not to take
and If I die before they sleep I pray the morgue my body to keep
To tag my toe with numbers unique
A system slave, in even death they keep.


  1. Did you write this all by ur own?

    nice !

  2. Everything i write on here is all my own stuff unless specified! Thanks a lot! Keep reading! Im about to post some others I havent posted here yet!