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Saturday, August 13, 2011

the current chapter

I wish I was a knight in the medieval ages
sometimes it would seem easier to turn these pages
loyalty, honesty, and undying devotion
are the only true  feelings I can think of putting in motion
Its not proper though in this life of today
you get taken advantage of when you act this way

we can pretend though and get away from it all
I can be your knight and you can be my gypsy
I can taste your breath and you can taste my whiskey
I can run away from this and I would take you with me
we can dirty up that mattress and dance until we both bleed

bright red blood the color of crimson is whats inside of us
the fire red passion, it burns inside me as I ride this bus
we can stay together and abuse our trust
sit with each other in the lunchroom and try not to bust
up laughing as were having fun at each others expense
you thought i was gonna be dirty huh?
you cant be dirty no matter what kind of sex you have when its love

and im not talking about anything with white doves
its more like cake with a red jelly filling
its nothing too complex but its just so thrilling
you bake it, you cut it, and you eat it all up
with a tall glass of milk but its still not enough
that's about how I feel about my gypsy
damn, i just can't get enough of my missy

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  1. This was nicely done, I like this one a lot. Did you have a little trouble tying it up, though?