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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scars and Stripes PT4

Finally going to actually post this 4th part, to the scars and stripes,
I wasn't going to but meh, enjoy it if you do.

I don't want you and you don't want me either
so why do you continue to visit me in my dreams, take a breather
how come it meant nothing, even the screams?
If i remember right, I could make you sing in that bed
It was in that little parking lot that you first gave me head
I don't know what happened, It doesn't really matter
We could sit here and shout you've changed, it would be nothing but blabbler

Of course we have, its been years for us both
You're leaning a bit toward the worse end of it though
This is coming from an outside perspective and I agree with it
These scars and stripes you gave me inspired growth
but my decline in this cell has only been physical though
Its no big deal, a couple of months and some weights
will make it vanish without a trace

but that childlike sense of wonder has almost been erased
The only time i see it now is when alcohol is involved
thats when your barrier cracks a little and you get involved.

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