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Friday, May 20, 2011

▲■○x =Life

This little rhyme came to me in my sleep,
I kid you not, I keep a notebook next to where I sleep
and you know that in between stage where you're
not really asleep or awake in the morning
It came to me and when it did i wrote it down.
Triangle, 3 again is the name of the disease
the green tri-point shape that starts it off with ease

Square, It shows you the box you're stuck in
that pink box, you know you want to stick it

Circle, Life is represented here starting in one place
and coming back around, have no fear

X, marks the spot on your map, its inevitability
the big blue X marks the destination
It ends your trek in the ground undoubtedly

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  1. You missed the great psn fail. You lucky bastard.