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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The sun dont come out to play

Dreaming about her is nothing new to me
She likes to visit when I close my eyes and drift away to sleep
but that's ok with me, it doesn't really matter
Its betther than not at all, no reason I should rupture
a blood vessel in my brain while getting filled with anger
Even if it doesn't do anything at all to feed the hunger

 Yup, thats been my life in here really recently
escape is a book or I just fall my ass asleep
Only one thing that bothers me as I sit and wonder why
its nice outside when im locked away, just look at that sky
The sun is shining, the temperature is rising,
even the seagulls fly up here like they're makin' fun of me

I guess It don't matter I'm not that broken up about it
Just makes it a bit harder when you can see it and be near it
Almost like the whole world but my moms is happy that im in here
48 more days left If I can find a place to live
thats 48 more reasons to work harder to forgive
I'm talking about myself of course, its not about you
fuck you in the ass and that fat bitch you're with dude

I'm sorry, I let my anger come out to play
things go down when the shirt ripping green mans got somethin to say
He only comes out when you really deserve it
and you best believe if these weren't here you'd see shit
by shit I mean stars, my scars make me humble when you get hit
so stop talkin that babble and come get it

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  1. "fuck you in the ass and that fat bitch you're with dude" caught me WAY off guard. Way way off. But sweet work.