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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I don't feel alone

Rebuilding my life one utensil at a time
like a cleaver in the kitchen I'm writing this rhyme
It's almost like a story I've told just like so many times before
This time I have some help, this time around I don't have to do it by myself
I feel like I have some support under these wings
as I wave them frantically to stay up in these clouds

Life's not what we were told when we were kids
We can't be anything we want to be unless we work hard at it
Even then we might never make it, we just might have the take the best we can get
I remember when life was much simpler
Running back from school with dimples
don't get me wrong, we weren't innocent
drinking at school and smoking weed in the woods we went

With no worries and plain conversations
that didn't at all compare to today's trials and tribulations
but growing up has its ups and downs
I can't complain, I like the person I became
Sure I'm not perfect and I know that better than you
and I'm sure someone will listen to this shit I spew
I can be quite a wealth of knowledge if you give me the chance to shoot

whatever, I might be getting too inebriated
these childhood goals became grownup decisions
so let go of your superstitions and take a chance
I know I am whenever I give it a shot at romance
I can't wait to see what the future brings
but she sure makes me feel fuckin entranced


  1. I love your poetry. This just made me feel nostalgia for the old school days, when all you had to worry about was doing your homework & keeping your grades up. Everything is so serious now, I miss those days.