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Friday, July 1, 2011

wtf people? *these are all true stories by the way*

The first picture was the process of making battered french fries
The first comment was, "you should have wrapped them in bacon"
"I don't eat meat" she replied and he said "oh well never mind."
You can understand my confusion you see, when this, "vegetarian"
was eating a chicken sandwich in the next picture, it was plain there to me
that there was something wrong with this picture, I wonder what it could be..

A self proclaimed anarchist this man claims to be and yes, that is redundancy
He is always ranting and raving about the government and its fees
not rich by any means but well off, living off his parents who feed the machine
if you live off the people who follow the system, isn't that even worse?
at least if you worked for your own benefit you could be independently 
perverse, these beliefs you say you hold, wait, stop, think, and turn it in reverse

I saw a woman picketing in an abortion rally, she said "I'm not anti abortion I'm pro life"
After some childish fun and our own sign that we spun to poke a bit of fun at their strife
we put down our sign and went to talk a bit with these people to see what we could find
the same woman we spoke of before said kill em all when asked about the death penalty
that doesn't rhyme but its still ridiculous so deal with it, I'm mostly doing this for my benefit.

This is all I can think of right now but there must be more
people's complete ignorance and hypocrisy is such a fucking chore
we're all guilty even I, at least I know this, so I can catch myself and not be like those
I know we're not perfect people but come on, lets at least give it a try
and maybe be decent human beings to ourselves and each other, we might just survive.

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  1. You weaved the first two just fine, but the third one.. woah. Wtf.