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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yes I am an asshole

All I wanna do is put my headphones in and walk away
Its not too much to ask for but I'm here to stay
I don't mean that metaphorically, only physically
I'm progressing insidiously in this otherworldly
lucidity, treking with extreme intrepidity
I have no fear but for fear itself
I'm terrible at poker take away these cards you've dealt

OK I'm done using big words for the fuck of it
my message is clearer when you don't need a dictionary to decipher my shit
I tear you down when I rip, shredding away the tears you've bit
I'm on a new level and you're just collecting cow chips
I don't mean cookies either, you're just playing with shit
get your hands out of there and do something productive
before this whole world turns out like Japan, radioactive

this country wont fix itself so get off your fucking couch
you lazy son of a bitch and at least do something you're good at
except collecting dust on that fat ass you sit
Its the anger that causes this malevolence inside me I try to resist
and help my fellow man at every chance that I get
but sometimes there's no helping you
some things you gotta do for self
I cant make you put on your work shoes, do It yourself
before I snap and kill you all, stupid fucking piece of shit


  1. Lazy people upset me too.

  2. Laziness definitely sends me into a rage on occasion.