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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

keep at it

Fast lies running through an empty head
sometimes I can't even seem to get out of my bed
i keep thinking these dangerous waters I've tread
swimming through an ocean of impostors
I can't seem to think of why I even bother

through and through my life's been upstart
I keep going through memories till I just wanna barf
there's no turning back now I already reapt' what I sowed
even though I still don't feel like I get what I'm owed
and don't get me wrong Its up to me to break this mold
keep running around switch it up and keep getting more cold

this life you can't live on goodwill alone
I keep trying it that way and keep getting thrown overboard
I live life like the captain of a pirate ship
run a tight crew but fuckin' mutinys' a trip
there's nothing you can do when others come after you
just smile and nod, say "yup, do what you do"

sometimes you wanna get angry and throw punches
but that usually ends in a lot of wasted lunches
calm it down and look back on your life
whatever the fight is I bet its not worth the spite
so just throw off your shoes, kick back and have a cold one instead
at least that way you both will have a much better day ahead


  1. I love how sometimes you feel like a pirate and right after that paragraph it's about calming down. It made me smile in a weird way. This is good.