Business as usual from now on I'm proud to announce!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

my inner monologue is in rhyme

I lay here awake and unable to sleep
there are but two things that keep bugging me
the thought of her and the thought of she
wait, those things are one and the same...
I apologize for what the lack of sleep has done to my brain

moving on now theres' story to be told
as I lie here awake pondering my life's mold
time is deceptive truth be told
sometimes it feels like I've known her forever
as we sit around and just simply palaver

I don't know my timings' all off now
I can't seem to write or get my shit together
I'l keep this brief or maybe its longer?
Throughout the confusion though I'm really getting stronger.


  1. This is oddly cute for you. Really.

  2. Palaver, I learned a new word c:
    I really like the poem, as well.

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah this one is a bit cute.. haha most of my stuff comes from frustration anger, and sadness, but I have just been very opposite of those things lately.

  4. Palaver?! Awesome. Smart, oddly cute words. Times like that DO make us stronger.