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Saturday, June 11, 2011


What do you do when your reason to drink is gone
all that's left now is the aftermath of destruction, shit..
Its your life still and its time to rebuild it.
We played this game before, you know how to do it
This time you have nothing hanging over your head
this time you find yourself much better fed

Just when you thought you had control of the situation
the past had to step in and take away your housing situation
they took your job, they took your girl, fuck! there's even no masturbation!
Now its almost over and you have to yet again start over
you come back to friends that are no longer there
they wrote you off and judged you for those reasons unfair

I wanna say fuck em but it hurts so much
I grew up since childhood with some of these fucks!
there's nothing I can do but stew in anger
I just wish we had the ability to care for each other
You know I wouldn't have done the same to you
I would hide the fuckin' murder weapon for you dude!

Whatever, fuck it, so I'm naive and too caring
to believe that these bonds would last without busting
Even some of you who I haven't talked to in a while
I still consider brothers and would do anything for you with style.
The least you could have done is be upfront about it, not act like a child
If you want to talk shit, please do it to my face man
so that I can defend myself and take a stand

This situation is three years old why didn't you leave then?
because I had yet to face the consequences in written pen?
you leave now when I need you most, Its not like I'm asking for a dollar
all I ask is for your company, and for you to give me a holler
on the weekends and shit and come through to visit
I guess that's too much to ask of you now.
you're all grown up and ready do join the masses
of selfish greedy uncaring traditional bastards

seriously go fuck yourself...


  1. I had to read this one out loud to get the swing of it. Really really bitter but.. with reason.. :/

  2. D, this was just super raw and it just came out of me I literally did not edit this at all. I would not be surprised if it didn't have a flow at all. Oddly though it does, and yeah some of the rhymes don't seem to fit until you hear them said.

  3. Also some of these things were embellished a bit, side note for anyone who might know me personally and reads this. I wasn't angry because someone didn't come visit me. I was angry because of the things that I was hearing people were saying about me.

  4. Argh. Having people talking behind your back is the worst. I'm glad you were able to get out some of the emotion. Good write.