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Monday, June 6, 2011

doesn't deserve a title

I don't even feel like rhyming today
all I can think of is the time that's slipping away
Monday through Sunday keep repeating
and all I can do is sit here in this room
I'm sick of it man this ain't no way to live my life breathing

I don't belong here, keeps running through my head
while I'm sitting here contemplating death on this bed
Even when I get out of here thats only step one
Of this fucking ordeal until my freedoms been won
stories circulate of ones like me have done before

Like the one who broke the window and jumped up off this floor
this seems to be somewhat of a coincidence
that im placed on this floor, dorm and bunk like him before
my plan is much simpler and a lot less showy
to take this piece of glass to me in the night and watch the blood flowing

It might be the easy way out some people might say
yeah that might be right but its better for me this way
A the burden would be lifted off my family and such
of having to care for the prodigal son who's never there
This is to all that have ever loved me I'm sorry
about all the bullshit i put you through it will be over for me soon don't worry


  1. That could fit as a hip-hop song.

  2. "I don't even feel like rhyming today"