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Thursday, June 9, 2011

too weird for love, too stubborn to die (edit)

Fuck you and your little dog too
when I think of you the embarrassment makes me wanna spew
the things you've done for me the way you made me grow
I know they were selfish at first, don't pretend I didn't know
but it turned out different, from you I learned a lot
I found how to love, how to live, how to get out of that spot

Now, I say embarrassment for myself not from you
I feel that I'm a disappointment for all the things you do
You're not faultless, hell none of us are were just human
but I cant help but feel like filth when I'm treated like it
sometimes i get so mad that it makes me wanna spit
and sometimes I get so sad that I really think I deserved it

You pretend that those scars on your wrists are invisible
but I saw them clear as day last time I visited ya
I love you more than you know and your helps appreciated
my only hope is that I can provide as much when you need it
time will come soon when again I'll need some distance
Its just necessary for me to grow its not personal believe me

_from your son that's too weird for love and too stubborn to die


  1. That last line made the whole thing change o_o

  2. Agree with D4, that last line just changed everything.