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Monday, June 20, 2011

A day late

Fathers day now this ones hard for me
cause when I look for you you're nowhere near here
The choices that you made gave me this life I hold dear
Sure its not the best and I've made some mistakes
and it sure would have been nice to have you near for a smoke break
the childhood memories I hold dear are just dreams until dawn shakes
me awake, but its ok, I still think about you damn near every day

Maybe we don't talk much cause it makes it easier to not miss you
I don't know but it seems like that to me sometimes
cause when i don't interact with someone its easier to keep em out of mind
but thats not right and a poor excuse, I really miss you I'm sure you'l find
I'm happy about your new family, I love a little sister I've never met
I cant help it when I look at her and really I see myself

Its weird how close you can feel even tens of thousands of miles away
I really hope I see you and meet her sometime so that we can play
I'm still a kid at heart through all I've been, that's obvious I'm sure you see
Either way I love you and miss you more than one could say
I really hope that you might read this on this late fathers day.

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  1. Sigh. An odd happy feeling. I approve, man. :/