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Friday, June 17, 2011

Escapades on house arrest

I shouldn't have opened up, I shouldn't have tried to show you my stains
If you only knew how your smile could take away my pain
you would run away from me and try to hide the shame
not your shame, its mine that I'm talking about
I wish we would've met in different circumstances
I really fucking hate these courtship dances

If I only met you in a month or two more my situation would be better
but for now my life hangs on by the pull of someone's lever
I'm not good enough for you, you deserve someone much more clever
my fuck ups are too apparent now and I hate that you can see it
If you only gave me a chance I could prove to you my merit
I would make you happy not sad, I know I could achieve shit

Its too late now, looks like I got dealt the short straw again
I should take this as a learning experience and just smile grin
Its just really fucking hard knowing you'l walk away
While I'm stuck here wishing that you would stay
Doing the only thing constant in my life right now
its writing these stupid rhymes and being humble and bow

I know we'll see each other again and I'll earn the kiss
but how far is it really gonna go without me going in for a miss
Ok kiss earned, where to go from here?
I think it might lead to quite a few beers
but for now I'm taking it step by step
and playing the best with these cards I've been dealt

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  1. Sounds tough. I think I'm relating to this one a bit :/