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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It happens

When she walked in I wasn't blown away
Its just my brain couldn't find he right words to say
It only lasted but a second
the words flew out right when she beconed
I wasn't left speechless, It was like we were old friends
Saying hi to each other after being on the bends

It was all good a little boring some might say
If that was he truth then why is her picture in my head not fading away
I sit here sleepless with a million on my mind
but the question I keep asking
is when I'l again get to see that behind

Not just her ass either! the whole thing
I gotta take a breaher..
How long did it take her to leave here
How did I get lucky enough to meet her?
If I can only find the right beat here..

I dont know, life has its ups and downs
I guess I've been down so long
that I'm on a cloud with this up I found!
Well shit, there I go again
getting too excited too early
She thinks she likes me now
but she'll wise up soon enough

They all pack up and leave
when the going gets rough
I gotta calm down and hold my cool
Keep my heart guarded and hold back the drool

Cause if I know one thing is,
good things don't last for me
So imma take it step by step
and take all her time that I can
But damn this girl really makes me wanna be a better man


  1. I love the part in the middle about finding your own beat! The poem has a slight blip in rhythym as you're trying to find your own. Cool combo. :)

  2. This is the weirdest feel rright here. It's not exactly romantic butkinda yes? o_O