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Friday, June 10, 2011

Inappropriate references (start)

The dawns' barely here and I'm up its so weird
that I live my live for someone else, its like I feared
this tired facade is not at all what I aspired to make
of my life, I live tired, watch me as I perspire,
watch the fear sweat out through my pores
If I work hard enough maybe I can get rid of it all

the tears, the falls, the drugs and alcohols
I can beat them and reclaim whats mine
even Charlie Sheen has a moment of clarity
If I dive in it like Michael Phelps for charity
I can choke it out like OJ and get some relief
I wont touch you like Michael Jackson
I don't want any kind of reaction, you can keep it

You do you, and I do me is how we'll play it
no strings attached, I shouldn't even have to say it
I C.U.P, but I didn't see Weiner
baring it all on Twitter and saying "Please forgiver!"
I'm done playing games with your mind believe me.

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