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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The bus

*found this on a napkin in a jacket! Totally forgot about it, This isn't the new one I promised today, however, i might wait till tomorrow to finish my new one. I am kinda stuck... not sure where to go with it.

Rolling along this 8 wheeled ride
my headphones are my cradle
the grave my destination
thats how my life is run with
on this narrow road, I paved this

walking this taut tightrope trifled
bumbling blue bulb we call home
taking shots to the dome
but not the hollow point kind
its all in the mind and to my freedom

my state of  being is that of an adolescent breathing
with waters of debt choking me
till I ain't got no breath left
and its sink or swim in this ocean of madness
theres no choice but to smile as I sink into my grimace

I feel like I'm a dirty old man trapped in a 23 year old body
I really don't feel like I quite fit in situations
not for lack of personality though I have many friends
people seem to like me even on one of my bends
I don't know I guess I shouldn't question it
I should leave it as is and keep up my merit

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