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Sunday, February 6, 2011


I could take all the powder to put up my nose
and i could drink all the bottles because im better at it than most
i could smoke all the weed and do all the speed
but what would happen to all the other things i need

it would all go to shit and straight disappear
how many heroin addicts do you know 
that can hold down a job and keep family near?
if you fall in this criteria im not tryin to be dissin' ya
who doesn't like to feel good while pissin on the system

I know i do, how you think i came to be here
im just a hypocritical cynical sonofabitch
and i abhor and adore this chore and this pitch 
of drug talkin, drug selling lifestyle havin
and thats the true real life bitch

when you know this you can chose abstinence
or moderation there no all or nothing game
unless youre willing to lose at it because if you have nothing
or all of it you still end up being a thrall of it
pleading and begging for more or for someone to take some of it

but thats just me dont listen to see 
whether im right , find out for yourself 
you dont need me to heed

so pop those pills smoke that hash
do those shrooms, shoot that smack 
and snort that blow but dont blame me 
and say you didnt know

do your own treatment and fuck up worse
than me, and hope its not to late to heal
youre in too deep, that hill is real fuckin steep
you ready to climb?
alright, imma shut the fuck up this is becoming 
a preachy ass rhyme

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