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Monday, February 14, 2011

The dreams we have

When you wake up shook and you know just why
Its valentines day and you thought about her passin' by
But not the one you thought it would be
this one you left years ago looks like she hasn't set you free yet

You think of the good times, the times that could have been
how she wanted the picket fence life and you were on a bend
she wanted nothing but you with all her heart and soul
an you wanted the show life playing music and gettin' out of control

So you cut yourself free now even though it hurt a lot
convincing yourself its what you wanted to get out of that spot
start living the life you wanted just for it to end abruptly
now you find yourself riding that fuckin 10 speed
going to school and still thinking about your greed

You think about it but with no regrets
we were barely 18 then, what did we know about love
this feeling so pure its almost like a dove
yeah right, thats one thing we learn above all else
its a dirty situation this thing we call love
It breaks us down as people and makes us weak
I tend to love too much but thank god I can still speak


  1. Nice indeed, enjoyed the read.

  2. Thanks guys, I have not been very inspired recently I hope to be writing more.