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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I sing for the bitch

Sittin in this bar writing rhymes on this napkin
not even drinking its where i put the work in,
it gets me this paycheck that i need to live 
bless this world and things it has to give
but right now im more focused on what it has to take
just so that I can call this life mine and my path to make

everyone wants something whatever it is 
I write these metaphors for my own enjoyment
hoping maybe my experience will help with your chores
im bored, torn, shackled and trapped, shit we all are
there are just those that realize it and do better
then theres those ignorant ones who dont need more

These people I meet, drink their beer while I give them conversation
this life I lead is full of women I greet and give a piece of verbal masturbation
This reality I lead is inevitable, these women that want to get to know me are incredible
I gotta start running faster from them for their own sake my lifes inedible

Scrambling and giving pieces of myself its part of my trap
while you girls take them away and grow from the pieces that ive dealt.
these women I lay dont know me at all, dont pretend you do ladies
you dont know what I am and how you are the one thats crazy
All I have is my honesty thats all I ever say
I dont even have any rags to go to riches haha dont you need that to play


  1. Very impressive, you're quite talented.. have you ever tried making an audio version of your work? you should try it, it may stir up some buzz! keep it up!

  2. Thanks a lot! I have of course considered it! I however don't have the gear necessary to make beats at the moment. I need to do some research about where I could obtain some beats for free or even find someone I could work with to do so. Haha if you have any ideas feel free to point me in a direction!

  3. You might wanna start with fruit loops. Or even Guitar Pro.

  4. @Come at me bro Thanks! Im following your blog now too!

    @Der Panz. Yeah I have been messing around with those programs for years.. Thank you for the suggestion though. I really wanted something a bit more high quality but i guess I should really just record something and see how it turns out.

  5. would love to hear you actually rap this shit, do you have a youtube account?

  6. Seems like it would have a very nice flow if actually rapped. Good shit.

  7. I like this, keep posting


  8. I do have a youtube account but unfortunately I dont have a mic or camera right now. Hopefully soon! Keep up with me and we will see what hapens! Following all of you and clicking!

  9. This is perhaps the wierdest looking blog I've seen so far o_O

  10. @Obi wan, haha kinda what I was going for

  11. I agree with blu3hand, great work.

  12. very interesting, but kinda weird :P


  13. I like it. followed!

  14. @blue, waaaoi, donga, and Tom, Thanks for the follows guys!! Everyone that comments is followed by me too! LEts not forget to help support each other! Let open for 30 sec after you click!

    @D4, Thanks man I appreciate it, there is too much shit out there to not draw influence from a lot of things.

  15. haha i may or may not be dininf now and i just digiging the title. jokes. ahaha support thoes who support the driks.. so click my ads and ill click yours? cool? coool ahaha

  16. andddd stp? stone temple pilots? ahahah lame.

  17. @Michelle.. umm im really not sure what the fuck you are trying to say? Haha Drink a bit tonight? STP = Sanity to Psyche. Either way yes thank you for the add. Already did some clicking on your blog.