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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

meh... uninspired but i will post anyway. Might edit it later.

Sunshine on this freezing winter day
its making me wanna drop my work and go out to play
on the avenue, this University ave I call home
Seattle's not the best, is your opinion,

but you don't know
the best kept secret of the northwest
Its days like this that make me miss it,
the summers here are quite perfect when the rays hit

It rains all the time and its mostly cloudy
but those 4-5 months out of the year
are just perfection, you cant be moody!
it stays comfortable degrees
the gentle soothing breeze you're feeling
cools you down when you're chillin' on the beach.

The pun's intended it was no accident
the kind of days when you say "get bent"
to anyone who's acting hard
grab your friends and run towards the nearest pond
quite wonderful this summer in the northwest
if you come visit this one season would be the best


  1. to be honest this one is really uninspired, i like your work before much more..
    keeu up, get better !

  2. Yeah that happens when i try to force myself to write..

  3. This is not really your subject matter: your other rhymes are a lot better!

  4. @Mr Machine, Yeah, once in a while I can write a decent piece about something happy but haha sadness seems to create better drama in poetry.

  5. looks like it would sound great. keep up the work

  6. Thanks I'll check out your other work too. I'm intrigued.

  7. This is a very nice blog. Keep up the work.