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Saturday, February 5, 2011


My mental stability has been in question
as well as my character don't laugh at me, 
that's just my way of saving ya see, I take
bad in the world and channel it to make you
stronger than cookie cutter bullshit human faces
who have no pain to stain the blue blood butchered
brain stained streets that we travel endlessly red

she giggles cause I sleep with a body pillow
like slug sorry to take this line from ya but you
got it right with that bitch Lucy tears for fears
wannabe human zooming through life with no real
knowledge or care about us drifters with dreams
of pincers to pin down the sanity that seems constantly slipping

like Aes rock with the daylight and junk I wanna
take your pieces and put them in order you wanted
because some people just don't have drive to go for it
ok well that's a little different  not quite like you Aes
but I make my own way from the inspiration which you place
in my whiskey muddled trouble infested trust obsessed
cranium I think its a bit ridiculous this angst im surrounded in
im almost out the door yo and the end of this rhyme im writing it.

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