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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Re-post, one from when I started

Sellin for dough its not like bread and butter we aint kids no more no nutter butter
i turn ice into steam then in to water like convection i change perceptions better than
the illusion of god, no clause, because, im better than yall my lifes got meaning you better be appaled

i dont pimp bitches and hoes i enjoy beaches in gold like im in tropic, im myopic when the rays hit
you know im it im stiff in the punches like tyson but i can fly like bison, levitation bitch is just another word im on probation, facing incarceration, they cant stop me from leaving this nation

im free in jail oxymoronic my life is without the bail the trail i left behind is never enough imma live my life like its the only one i got even though you know im forever, cause im never together im dispersed ive traversed the globe is what il be sayin to your kids when im older
sharin the stories of how my heart got colder, how i got bolder by blockin these boulders
that life has to throw, and haha, you know i had fun with it all the thrills the falls

the pills the thralls, that aint no mythic creature its as real as it gets, this life is 
no creature feature and the preacher dont have the answers take pride your god is yourself 
you get stuck up in your fuckups when you think everything else 

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