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Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's addicted to me

Dont you just love it when someone doesnt like you
because you just remind them of themselves
In a place they dont like with some bitch that brings spite
in the same life they laugh off and stick with in strife

women are from venus and men are from mars they say
and you keep drinkng till the stars come out and play
you haven't had a drink in months as you tap that beer once.
you feel it, you touch it, you pop the top
you put it to your lips this thing you dismissed
and remember the love of that one you kissed

It all seems so familiar the peers the fears
all washing away as that pale brown liquid
takes you away and sweeps you from the grave
sometimes you think that its your punishement
and sometimes you find its the only compliment
it feels as if its all you have
as you stumble around the room way too trashed

the love in your live is nowhere to be found
and even if it found you you would think its inadmisable
so many days spend wishing you had someone
but when someone comes around you turn your back on one
whether its yourself or her youre bound to do it
with these self destructive tendecies youre bound to lose it

dont take these things as fact its just my lifes experience
I know you well enough to sense these things in you
your face is like a glass pane i can see it lose in you
the mask that you wear you forgot where you put it
in the midst of the alcoholic emotions that you've bit


  1. Seems like this is a good outlet for you. Keep up the rhymes!

  2. It is in fact, I hope to do more with it some day thank you!

  3. @heatherrr Thank you please keep reading! I hope to put some of this stuff to music and post it here soon!

  4. Hope does not equal religion, religion was never even mentioned, not once.

    but even if, why should someone compare science to religion?

    I dont see any sense in this.

    love your blog
    keep up°

  5. Very nice, you have talent.....thanks for the great uploads!

  6. I really like what you do here, you are very creative, keep it up!

  7. Hey. I appreciate your comment man.
    This is a cool rymhe but I don't get it lol.

  8. @The Poetic Assasin, Ha, This on is about alcohol too! It is whatever you want it to be. Its open to interpretation, if you want my thought while I was writing it I will gladly share.

  9. I'm not a big fan of alcohol but go for it.

    I'm currently writing a rhyme on revolution. When I'm done I'll post it and inform you. :)

  10. @Poetic Assassin I am looking forward to reading it man!