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Friday, February 18, 2011

Scars and Stripes PT1

"I got a sudden surge to write this story, it is in three parts! comment and let me know whether it would be easier to read if i just released it in sections (when something is too long attention spans waver) or do you want me to just edit this and throw the other two parts in! Let me know guys thanks again for reading"

Hey you its been a while I know,
I haven't been giving you enough of my time lately thanks to this road
well anyway apologies ain't what you're after
you're just trying to see your son succeed on top this rafter
I cant blame you for the messages on my celly

just like you cant blame me for mistakes made trying to fill this belly
I know I was quite a handful growin up
I'm even more so now that I got adult problems fucking my shit up
im trying my hardest ma this you can be sure of
I'm stuck in this rut now, its to you im coming with it
and im not even sure whether I should let a peep out

Im disorganized, too trusting, and too wiling to lend a hand
also I'm still holding on to the dream of playing in this band
while the women in my life still try to choke me with their hands
you may think im weak ma but you don't know it all yet
I would like you to have gone through half the shit I have and not be this upset

these scars and stripes ive earned, you best believe that
I wanna voice my opinion to you just so you know where im at
so that we can relate on some level and stay family at the end of the day
as we lay our heads down and say our evening grace

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