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Friday, February 18, 2011

Scars and Stripes PT2

"This is part 2 of the Scars and Stripes letters, please read part
1 found below this one chronologically on my main page in order to follow from the start."

Dear son I just read your letter, you know i did i wrote you back
I still think this would have been that much better face to face 
still, just so you know I never thought of you as a disgrace
the things you did are always in the past with me 
I never think of these things when im sitting by missing you kid

Listen now I know you might be going through some hard times
but just keep your head on straight and watch out for those fine lines
I dont think what you're doings dealing with it, let alone these fuckin rhymes
but you're a grown ass man now that much you made clear
you make your own decisions and shit, no matter who's near

but just remember who your family is Im here for you
even though you don't want us to be the ones near by, this much is true
you cant always have the one you want to be supportive 
in fact you cant have anyone at all when you feel that you most need it
at least this is how you feel see, I do know you
you're not so misunderstood I can still see it true blue

anyway thanks for writing i always like hearing from you  
always trying make sure you're still kicking in your own slough
don't be a stranger now i want to know that you're alive 
or even better yet that you're doing away with all the bad vibes.


  1. I've just finished reading parts one and two... I think it is great that you divided them. Might I suggest a pseudo table of contents intro at the beginning of each so people know where the other parts of the post are and why it is divided?

    The message you are writing is excellent and quite clear. The rhymes are lovely. Good work.

  2. @Mr Machine, true to some extent, maybe its all true who knows, a writer never tells.

    @Rachael, thank you for getting back to me! I attempted a preface in the beginning of each to help the readers go to the start is that kinda what you meant? Either way I just put PT3 up