Business as usual from now on I'm proud to announce!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A single point in time

I feel upstaged and alone a fuckin freak 
still without a home, shackled to my couch
a mouth full of uninspired rhymes these troubled
thought provoking times spent staying up late nights writing pages
and pages of useless poems, tomes cover my walls like im some insane 
poet. You wont be laughing when your walls are covered in my posters
you wont be laughing when the walls are covered in the blood of these posers

But im laughing now! wow! for no good reason!
while shes laughing at me like its open season  point out my faults and mistakes
hang up my dirty laundry and scream real loud for you to see my underwears!
I dont mean my boxers or briefs i only meant the miniscule details that make up 
my insides, I wear my heart on my sleave its the only way i can stay honest and 
not break apart in this world we create and harvest

I was raised weak and like metal I was tempered, 
or was I tempered by metal either way it did me right 
with a bit of trouble  add in some rhymes no matter style of music
I write it all its in how you use it, you gotta fake a smile and 
keep that grimace no matter how you feel or show your mistakes.


  1. I'd really like to know, who inspires you?

  2. I have a wide range of inspiration! I listen to so much music its stupid my favorites are metal and hiphop lately. This one i see some Aesop rock, a bit of slug, maybe a bit cee lo and ending of with something that could be in a death metal song haha.