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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Afroman inspired party rap about friends

hey mang what you doin today
just callin to find out where's the partay
its the weekend startin and we're ready to get this joint hoppin
got the homies, the juice, the potion, all that party notion
its about to be a jungle up in here when i bring that keg beer

here comes darin with bitches galore
everyone says him and i own the bitch store
Tim in the door with the malt liquer
i always say it gets me drunk quicker
Cody comin in, bitchin and whinin
it dont take long till hes singin and laughin
Andy rides up on the harley
he loves himself some wheat and some barley
Adam walks in with the big screen with media gallore
hes the one stop shop entertainment store

Stef follows up all small and tiny
big personality in a real small body
Sam comes in a bit reserved and quiet
get a few drinks in her and shes a fuckin riot

I can almost tell before nayo walks in
he brings that good stuff, make the room go spin
Birdeen walks in and starts the party
a great sense of humor and nice to boot
as soon as she starts drinkin shes a fuckin hoot
David shows up eloquently
with the poetry he write inevitably
Carri, you know shes a college graduate
if you don't watch her you'l get punked, *faggot!*

My friends and I get down at night
never dull times but sometimes a fight
So when it comes along give me the call
cause on the weekend its always a fuckin ball!

*the word used in the labeled sentence is an
inside joke it is not meant to be offensive
please do not use it out of context and get angry at me.

PS i didnt forget anyone this is all i came up with today

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