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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I try, thats me

looking at these bandages
its making me thing about life again
watching her make choices about love again
she wants someone like me who understands her frame

someone like me who knows her mind
someone like me who knows her well
someone who understands her needs to no end
someone whose there when she needs a friend

little does she know that she has it now
someone who knows to treat her how
she wants to be treated with care she needs only when
shes feeling overwhelmed and needs advice now and then

she already has it but is blind to
this feeling from a friend that isn't new
she wants someone like me who knows her through
who gives her what she wants, and never fails to

inform her with the knowledge of my opinion
that she should try to make with precision
she has what she wants but for some reason true...
she doesn't want me she wants you


  1. Nice poetry.
    I've been known to write a small one.
    But not very often.