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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still Standing

Life stands still at times
its not unlike a painting
those moments leaving
others just stand around and pine
melancholy with the perpetual stand-still
that is time

with everlasting mountains,
trees, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans
and the continuous cycles
which nature provides us
we carelessly are deceived
and continue to breathe
false, insecure, embarrassed,
unknowing breaths,
always asking is this really me?

not at all living to true potential
time is more ancient of a trickster
than one in Norse mythology
his name easily fits in this poetic tree
it takes a lot of talent
to deceive someone into an ideology
almost at the same level of catholic theology
some might be unhappy about this truth
in which the fallacy of time's trickery
is put in the spotlight anew

saying that it was revealed
wouldn’t do it justice
its been there all along,
not hidden, got that? trust us?
it wont take me to make you believe
that most honest truth that I lead
I would like to give advice
to all those wastes of life

I promise its not too cryptic
but not too nice...
if in your shoes was I
which I found myself before...
live life more fully
do what you know you’re meant to do
enjoy every one of those breaths, truly
one day when you’re unloading the Thule
glance in the mirror, time will show you its complacency
and I’m certain you will find this truth quite unruly
when that time comes enjoy it more!!
because hopefully, with my advice heeded
your life was not at all a bore

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