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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Late night mind state.

Give me the night its the time I act right
That special spot like being with you its all right
Conversation, companionship, common grounds
and common sense, its what we share
no titles needed no crosses to bare

Why cant we just be
no need to put titles on you and me
cause in most cases that just complicates our obligations
Pretentious, perverted, loud and extroverted
yes you can be but that's why i love you
why cant you just see

All those things you may be
they're all part of me too
were peas in a pod you know this to be true
My alone time is precious I'm really quite pretentious too
but being alone is sometimes better spent with me and you

and excuse my redundancy, it comes to me naturally
like art, same colors used at least twice
to bring it together and make it look nice
My words are my art with strokes of a brush
my strokes of these keys really come to me with ease

you may say hush, you must have some disease
nobody feels this way about another human being
Feel i may do and its only gotten better as i grew
into my own self and il always save my last breath for ya
as we're put to the test through this night time mess

Some things are better left unsaid lets just leave it at that
Its a beautiful thing to be with someone out of choice
instead of title, if we all could have this mindset
it would make our future much brighter
my thoughts are free from jealousy and desertion
because i know that you care deeply you may leave,
but youl be back at the end of the day that's for certain

**authors note**Unlike most of my stuff heh its kinda sappy
but with purpose, not really bout anyone in particular,
just more of an explanation of my view on relationships
and their intricacies which people love to misunderstand,
misuse, and waaay over complicate to make jumbled
messes of their loved ones and their minds. Haha one thing
though if anyone reading this knows a person like one
described feel free to point them in my direction ha i wont say no**authors note**

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