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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Big Werds (Everyday)

Everyday is an everlasting explosion of
exorbitant emotion, or is it elegy,?
though its found often in our own energy
this phase to customarily conduct our code of
conduct through a very unnatural conduit
and not to mention our progeny

Everyday is open to ideals for idealists
to contemplate and for the contempt of nihilists
this world that we crate ourselves
will always be our offspring of cynics

no longer are boundaries set for our day
we are free to construct or destruct everyday
all day, Tuesday, holidays its our heyday
to surprise the sheeople and question all
the steeples with their stupendous amounts of
satiated satirical power that can only
be equated to the fictitious reenactment of
ancient childrens stories riddles, sonnets
rhymes fairly tales, so on so fourth, and who the
hell wears bonnets?

This may seem like the ramblings of a man mad
or is it mad man? grammatically it makes sense
what the hell is the description of your pertinence
dont question my validation, until you have caught
the train at your mental station

Watch what is said and what you say hearing with
your eyes is sometimes better so when you question
my appearance maybe you're just questioning your own purtenance

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