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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Are you happy?

What is happiness a whole bucket of rainbows?
what are you happy about does it give you chills
When you're happy does someone give you a look of raised eyebrows
it cannot be defined this state of mind
its only a kind of feeling that one person knows

happiness is the excited bark of your puppy
when you come in the door
its riding your bicycle to the store
through the rain and snow, to get a beer
happiness is coming home after a log day
and drinking that beer by yourself
because you're productive that way

happiness is sometimes that decay you play
just as a way to escape your trials
tribulations and those worldly sensations
Its also found in your stereo
when you put it on shuffle with
your favorite artist of the mood you're in
Its also playing that music with
the bass turned all the way up
so that its almost like it jumped up and hit you in the face

My guitar is also happiness
as my hands fly across the neck
it makes its way with all the day's stress
you feel blessed its almost like you're messed
up on life, and we all know snorting cereal hurts
but don't let someone say you shouldn't do it
if it makes you happy

happiness is as close to heaven we can get
on this earthly plane, although to me
heaven is what i make it and not out of a book to read
so next time someone tells you what happiness is
feel free to just hit them as hard as you can
and maybe even make them bleed.

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