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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ignorance is bliss, i think...?

This thing I ignore I cant help but adore
The decor of this life recent, is used
So much so that i cant help self abuse
This thing out of reach but barely though
I can get up and touch but shes not for me so,

I stand back and watch through un-judging eyes
With unbiased advice under no guise
and some fucked up situations that I so despise
I'm sure things could have been great with timing correct
and even though its sometimes neck at neck

Ones always a little behind, or ahead to make the trek
So, with un-hating eyes the company I keep
I don't wear a mask or a disguise
I'm sure its as clear as a pack of lies
This one out of reach that could be a bit behind
Doesn't see or care to try

Unknown amount of time spent being inhibited,
Unsatisfied and depraved
Began to crave something more adulterated
may have tried to feel "normal" or slightly uptight
It wasn't for her, you thought i was talking about me, right?

Everything is alright, this time its bright
I'm doing ok with this out of sight
Though my thoughts may drift, and its just right
They always come back to her-e eventually...
On this great alone spent night


  1. I love this! I've often been attracted to people who just weren't quite right for me... but I couldn't see it at the time. Ignorance WAS bliss. :)

    The rhyming pattern in this is really fun as well. Great poem.

  2. Thank you Rachael, yeah that was written at a point in my life when I was a hopeless romantic haha. That has pretty much been beaten out of me, but sometimes it still comes out in my writing.