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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sleep well Jezebel (inspired by the random shit that comes out my mouth)

As the strands of sleep take over, pay no heed
to the trial and tribulations of the day, indeed,
you know, that this past day has caused you to grow
leave no sheep uncounted due to misfortunes had
just drift away into subconsciousness, nothing is that bad

so sleep well jezebel dont let your sleep be disturbed
you can get through anything you want even through all you've heard

you aren't frisked, forsaken or betrothed
there is another day waiting, even in prison for those who are bold
so when you feel yourself catching the blues
just try to put yourself in someone else's shoes
no matter how bad you got it someone has it much worse
just be thankful for those few dollars in your purse

so sleep well jezebel, don't let your mind keep you awake
when the morning comes its a new day but with new challenges at stake

Sleep well jezebel with your head against the pillow
with promises of dreams to come, and maybe even climb a big willow
because tomorrow is just as hard as today and even more of a thriller
even more work to do and life demands even more will in her

so sleep well jezebel, sleep in the good and try to sleep out the bad
because with new challenges come new disappointments to be had

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