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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random wtiting

Sittin on my desk yo,, strivin and studyin but i got time for my flow, bustin my balls to solve this math equation while i could be bustin a nut with some hot young asian, chick, haha, don't mess with me trick, i can be mass prick and that ain't no pun, when you see me run, son, i be quittin smokin and it ain't no fun,

but 2 moths from now il be in class with a whole mess of new ass, my dreams and aspirations you pretentious pricks cannot crush, even posthumously you cannot touch this man i call god, this man whos odd, this one who sees you, knows you and keeps his own close to the chest, others might be hatin but i know whats best to be because this man i praise and i are one and the same, that's right its me.

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