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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Threes disease

two a clock, five a clock, one a clock and sometimes three
what is it about these times that are so special to see
why do i find myself to be so awake and blame free
try to get hold of me and you just may be, successful,
at this late night hour its sometimes stressful
Its progressive, extensive, aggressive and completely free

To be awake at these strange hours staring at trees
Its easy to see that its just me at this point in time
alone in the night which is really just, alright...
i lay my head down see if i catch some zzz's
no such luck again and there goes some more threes
restless, accosted, tried and morbid thoughts fill this space here

drifting away with thoughts too empty
those who are gone now i really envy
to produce the right chemicals and asleep to be
what i would give to enjoy this liberty
laying town becomes a forgotten memory
as I browse these sites they still come in threes

entensity, gnarls barkley, and sometimes even raunchy
bands, books, entertainment and banter
they start in three end in three and even rhyme with three
Its three thirty three in the am and 3 items lay on my desk
damn this number why cant you let me be
in this late night hour only fit for junkies

Id much rather be counting sheep and thinking of mammaries!
dreaming of having adventures and even chimpanzees
this obsession grows, sleep is impossible
not even attempting anymore, its improbable
damn this number and all of its included disease
I really dont give a shit about the number three
so why does it insist on being a bother to me
causing me to lose sleep and tired to be

or i just really need to stop and fall asleep.....

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