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Monday, November 16, 2009


To everyone in life who cant seem to get what they want
Everyone who's been always shat on, with nothing to flaunt
For everyone who doesn't even know what they truly want
To everyone who knows what they want but its always out of reach
For those who can taste what they want but its never close enough to touch

To all the people taken advantage of and used by people who we love
Everyone who doesn't really have what for to thank the stars up above
For those simple, who only want one thing to make their lives complete
To all those who will never get these things and will always feel imperfect
For those alone though not on purpose, even though it may be for the best

To all of you in life too strange to find a true companion
Everyone who's strange enough that, they probably shouldn't have another's compassion
For the people all cloud headed because of someone else's influence
To those who mistake this influence for something good and crave it, its petulance
For those using this life as a racetrack... trying to get to the end first only to find that's it...

To all you who dont understand that its the journey that counts and not the destination
Everyone who got picked on as a kid and grew up considered awkward by peers
For all those people, shivering at the knees stood firmly in front of life's fears
To those, like me, which some of these things don't apply to, but now you know
For those with similar experience, who will have to deal with these things as we grow

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