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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Noise just Noise

A day i met much to my dismay
a dame that could take the jade away
this isn't a precious stone i speak of
shes definitely not a thief
she didnt steal from me metaphorically
or literally
she didnt steal my heart or
something just as sappy

she broke no stone
that in my heart exists
she didnt put my stomach in twists

she played no games she studied hard
she did nothing out of the ordinary except be
content in her ways but somehow fleeting
running away from something she cant really see

To me she gave me conversation a joke or two
a regular person, heh do i dare rhyme?
just like me and you

The one im talking about wont stand up and shout
she doesnt look type...
but she gave me something i had once
the she who i speak of is just life

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